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Using XQuery to transform multiple xml nodes to a single xml node with comma separated string value
By Art on July 13, 2012

Not another comma separated string blog post I hear you say! I know that this topic has probably been done to death but I hope that this is a little different as it is about creating a single xml node containing a comma separated string from the values of multiple other xml nodes all within an XQuery expression. Recently I’ve […]

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Moving xml child elements to its parent using XQuery
By Art on July 9, 2012

I haven’t been able to do much XQuery development recently which is a shame as I love developing with the technology in SQL. In the past I used to work with xslt’s a lot and they immensely powerful, but since moving to xquerying in SQL, it is now my first choice for quick xml transformations. Especially if the XML is […]

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